Mme Rolande Vidal - Mr Guy Hohmann
Rue du moulin BP 12
12230 saint jean du bruel
Tél: 0033(0) 565584703
Fax: 0033(0)565621230
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Saint Jean du Bruel en Aveyron





Place's availability:

The bed and breakfast is to be rent per night. The opening times are from 3p.m until 7p.m on the arrival day. In case of an arrival out of this time slot, please call before so as to ease the organization. The room has to be freed for 11a.m at the latest on the departure day.


Services provided:

A room and a bathroom with supplied towels are at your disposal. The breakfast is served. Rooms are cleaned everyday. Breakfasts are served from 7.30a.m to 9.15a.m, it is asked to announce the wished time on the previous day. Please do not bring food from the breakfast into your room.


Use of the place:

Our bed and breakfast is on the second floor of the house and has been entirely restored. The access is made trough independent stairs. Please take care of the place and respect the other hosts. Pets are allowed under conditions. The establishment is a non-smoking area.


Prices and rules:

Prices are given per night, depending on the number of costumers. It includes the room and the breakfast's service. A deposit of 30% of the total of booked services shall be joined while booking. The deposit will be kept as a warranty and the payment will take place on the departure day. Payment conditions: by check or cash - no credit card accepted - In case of cancelation before the arrival, the owner of the bed and breakfast will keep the deposit.